Standard Original Pendant

Standard Original Pendant

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The Story:

First produced in 1933, the handmade Standard Coolicon lampshades are British industrial icons. Graceful, subtle and brimming with confidence; their form is as fresh and aesthetically pleasing now as when they were when first drawn for the patent application. 

The lampshades innovative design incorporated a vented top gallery that allowed high-watt bulbs to remain cool. The original bidirectional light - the revolutionary vented gallery created an ambient light above and a strong task light below. 

Hard-wearing and durable, the Standard Coolicon lampshade became an instant hit among workers in factories, workshops and offices up and down the country. A loyal, unwavering fixture in Britain’s industrial heartlands, the trusty Coolicon even found its way into Winston Churchill’s wartime bunker kitchen.


The Process:

Handcrafted from start to finish using the finest materials, every lampshade in The Standard Collection is unique and perfect in its own way.

Coolicon's crafting approach remains true to the patent and respects all aspects of the original 15-step process. For this reason, Coolicon works in small quantities; operating more like a studio pottery than a large manufacturer and our results speak for themselves.

Look closely and you might see tiny freckles of white in the Sky Blue enamel, a slight change in hue over the contours of an Original 1933™ Design lampshade or even the characteristic hook mark. Reflecting the many firings, each variation is an expression of individual character – a Maker’s Mark, to be treasured as a reminder of the craftsperson whose skills pour into our every lampshade.


Technical Info:

Vitreous enamelled steel shade. Vitreous enamel finishes are VOC-free, durable, fade-proof, steam and corrosion resistant. Brass socket.

Size: Ø9" x H:6"

Canopy size: Ø: 5” / H: 3.25”

Weight: 1.1 lbs

Fixture: E26    Max Wattage: 60w

Cord length: 60"  

Environment: Indoor

Made in United Kingdom

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